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Young Entrepreneurs | July 8th-12th | St. Clement's School

Day 5 - July 12th

Hi everyone! 

We had an amazing last class today, and S&N Stickers have finished their product! Please keep an eye out on the kid business section of our website to see the product, and promote it to all your family and friends!

Other than completing our sticker bundles, we went over the final aspect of the sales funnel - advocacy - which is when loyal customers tell other people about your business and encourage them to buy from you! We also finalised a sales pitch/slogan for our business - we landed on 'Stick Together Forever'.

We did one more activity on the SWOT analysis, in which we answered some questions about our company's strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats.

Thank you all for an amazing week! I am excited to see this new business flourish!


Day 4 - July 11th


Today, we split our class up into two portions - one portion to continue our product design and get as many stickers done as possible, and in the other, we wrote product descriptions for when our product go up for sale as well as covered what the loyalty aspect of the sales funnel is! This is when customers buy your product more than once and become big fans of your company.

Our product will likely be going up tomorrow in the evening or over the weekend, so please keep an eye out on the kid business section on our website to see when it goes up!

Sandy has also decided that tonight she will be adding character names to all the stickers as well as putting some final details into each design, so I am excited to see what the stickers look like tomorrow!

See you tomorrow for our last day!

Day 3 - July 10th

Hi all!

Today, we reviewed our marketing surveys again, but decided we did not want to tweak anything about our products.

Then, we completed our marketing poster, which is up on our Instagram @explorerhop, so be sure to follow and check it out!

Then, we discussed what a SWOT analysis is, which stands for strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats for our business.

We then moved onto the conversion aspect of our sales funnel, which is when customers actually decide to try out your product! We identified what makes us decide to try out a product, and what we can do to make customers try out our product!

Finally, we began our much anticipated product design! The stickers are coming along well, and the plan is to have 6 stickers done by the end of today.

See you all tomorrow!


Day 2 - July 9th

Hi everyone!

Today we went over our marketing surveys we sent out yesterday - we got an amazing number of responses! Based on this, we finalised what kind of specific products we would be making.

Our young entrepreneurs have chosen to work together on a joint business! They have decided to sell digital downloads of stickers, and their brand name is S&N Stickers. All proceeds will go to Matthew House Toronto!

We looked over the consideration aspect of our sales funnel, in which customers start to think about whether they should buy your product or not. We identified some factors which we might consider when buying a product in order to put ourselves in the shoes of our customers!

Then we finalised pricing for the stickers by looking at our other competitors, which are small businesses selling digital downloads of stickers, and seeing how much they sold their products for. We then took an average of the prices we were seeing, and we adjusted this as needed to decide pricing for our product. 

Finally, we began working on our marketing posters to put up on our Instagram @explorerhop! Make sure you follow for updates and to see our posters, which will come out tomorrow! And of course, we updated our operations sheet (to-do list) as we went along.

See you all tomorrow!


Day 1 - July 8th

Hi all!

Today we began to learn the fundamentals of starting a business, including product planning - such as picking a product - creating a logo and brand name, then choosing a charity to donate to.

After that, we created a market survey, which is used to gauge what our customers would like to see in our products.

Finally, we also went over the first aspect of our sales funnel which is awareness. This is when customers become aware of our business and products!

See you tomorrow!


Welcome to Young Entrepreneurs!

Welcome to the thrilling world of startups! 🌟

Have you ever wanted to start your own business or wondered how people do it? Well, you are about to find out! Through lots of hands-on activities, you will develop an idea, create a digital product, and learn how to launch it! 🚀💼 We focus on digital products because that is the future!

Before our first class, your challenge is to brainstorm ideas for businesses. This week, our classes are small, so our young entrepreneurs can choose to either collaborate on a business together or take on the exciting challenge of creating one on their own—which does require a bit more work.

All proceeds from your businesses will be donated to a registered charity of your choice, so you’ll be making a difference while learning how to become an entrepreneur!

Get ready for an exciting adventure in the world of entrepreneurship!

See you soon!

Meet your Instructor


Your instructor this week is Mahveen Khalil.  Mahveen has been teaching our programs in schools for more than a year and is very much loved by the students.  She is studying psychology at the University of Toronto.  She has lived in more than 4 countries and brings a very international perspective to her classes.  

She can be reached via email:


Program time and location

Date: June 24-28, 2024

Program Time: 9:00am - 12 noon

Address: St Clements School, 21 St. Clements Ave, Toronto, Ontario M4R 1G8

Student arrival time: 8:50 AM  

The instructor will meet all the students at the gate at 8:50am and take them to the class.  There is a lot of construction in the area, so please allow for traffic and subway delays. The facility has informed us that the gates will close at 9am so we strongly urge you to be on time.  

Student dismissal time: 12 PM

Students will meet their parents / guardians at the entrance gate at 4 PM.  Please be at the gate on time so that the pickup is seamless.  

What should young investors bring

  • Device - as the young entrepreneurs are making a digital product, it would be useful for them to bring a device.  Students are responsible for their own devices. 
  • Snack - the usual nut free, peanut free rules apply along with no-sharing of snacks due to allergies. 
  • Water Bottle

Topics Covered


  • Create Business Ideas

  • Develop Business Plans

  • Create Marketing Campaigns

  • Implement Operations Plan

  • Develop Product Pricing

  • Create Financial Plans

  • Develop Products

  • Launch Your Own Business!

Allergies/ Health Issues

If your child has any health issues, learning concerns or allergies (including if they use an EPI pen) please email and let her know.  Due to insurance reasons, our instructors cannot dispense medication or epi pens but will call the parent and 911 in the event of a medical emergency. 


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