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Jan 27, 2022

3 Reasons Not To Invest in Gold

As wonderful as the idea of gold is – and please, don't let us stop you from going out and buying a fancy gold watch if that’s what you desire – when it comes to learning how to invest and what to invest your money in if you want to see it grow, look somewhere else.  Gold as an investment is a stagnant, fleeting, and old-school area to put your money that would not make for an intelligent investment in 2021.  Here are our three reasons why you should not invest in gold. 

Jan 23, 2022

Turning Your Child’s Gaming Obsession into Learning Opportunities

Kids love to play games. This has never been more true than right now heading into 2022, with the rapid development of esports and gaming communities both online and offline today. Let us take you through two ways you can turn your child’s gaming obsession into learning opportunities!

Jan 21, 2022

5 Classroom Activities To Help Turn Your Students Into Entrepreneurs

With entrepreneurship becoming increasingly prevalent in modern society, especially as a function of the need to make money with Covid-19 compromising so many businesses and jobs, it is likely that an increasing number of children will grow up wanting to explore such avenues for themselves.  Here are Explorer Hop's five classroom activities that can help you turn your students – of all ages, although some activities are more appropriate for certain groups than others – into the entrepreneurs of tomorrow. 

Jan 20, 2022

3 Ways To Foster An Entrepreneurial Mindset In Your Classroom

How wonderful is the idea of being an entrepreneur?  Wouldn’t you want that for your students the same way you may have wanted that for yourself or are living out that dream now?  If you believe, like we here at Explorer Hop do, that all kids should be exposed to the wonders of entrepreneurship early in their development, read on to see our three ways to foster an entrepreneurial mindset in your classroom.

Jan 16, 2022

5 Fast Facts About Bitcoin

We’ll give you 45 minutes starting now. We’re sure you would think you have a good level of financial literacy but do you think you can name all the different cryptocurrency out in the world today? Our point is… none of us will probably ever list all the cryptos out right now but we’re willing to bet that one specific word came to mind when you first saw “cryptocurrencies” in line two of this post… Bitcoin. Read on for five fast facts about Bitcoin. 

Jan 13, 2022

Key Steps To Take When Helping Your Child Launch Their Small Business

Entrepreneurship is becoming more popular than ever and in case your child is one that will at least have a strong desire to explore the potential of being an entrepreneur, we want to help set you and your child up for success. Read on for our four key steps to take when helping your child launch their small business.

Jan 12, 2022

How Ontario Parents Can Find Online Learning Solutions With Students Home Again

We might have just turned the calendar over to the new year a few days ago but, unfortunately, it looks like Ontario is going back, in a lot of ways, to earlier stages of the pandemic – especially as it relates to your child’s education. It was just announced that students would not be returning to classes until at least January 17th, 2022, meaning that children will be forced to learn online while parents all across the province need to readjust once again to ensure their children will be supported academically during this period. Let us tell you about the online programs we have at Explorer Hop to solve your problems as Ontario shifts back to stage 2.

Jan 4, 2022

3 Long-Term Skills Your Child Should Start Developing in 2022

Early-childhood sets the groundwork for success later in life. There are clear advantages to giving your child the resources and opportunities to develop important skills – especially around financial literacy – early in their childhood. We want to talk about how 2022 should be the year your child starts developing these three long-term life skills.

Jan 4, 2022

3 Tips For Turning Your Child into a Money Savvy Kid This New Year

We can’t make a promise of what’s to come for their financial future, but we can tell you that we sincerely believe setting a foundation early for your child is an important stepping stone for their development as financially responsible, knowledgeable and money-savvy people. Here are three tips for turning your child into a money savvy kid this new year.

Jan 1, 2022

5 New Years Resolutions That Actually Make A Difference

New Years is usually a time we tell ourselves this is the year we will finally make some unrealistic lifestyle change that we probably are not ready to make yet. Let’s make sure you don’t make that same mistake this year, for you or for your child. Let us take you by the hand and guide you through our list of five new year's resolutions that you can actually accomplish and more importantly, will actually make a difference.

Dec 31, 2021

Top 4 Tips For Hosting A Virtual New Years Party

Being in a pandemic doesn’t mean that we need to completely sacrifice the holidays this year, we just might have to enjoy the holidays virtually.  Would we all like to be gathering around at grandma or another relative’s house on New Year’s Eve and watch the clock strike midnight while we celebrate together? Yes.  But don't be a GRINCH this holiday season and read on for our top five tips for hosting a virtual New Years party in 2021!

Dec 23, 2021

The best gift for Mom this holiday season

Christmas and, specifically, receiving gifts on Christmas has always been something focused on the kids. It’s always the kids that get to have fun opening the big presents on Christmas morning, whether they are games, toys, books, learning materials, clothes or something else.   This year, let’s change that. Help your kids get you something great for Christmas. 
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