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Girls & Money (Grades 6 - 11)

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A fabulous program designed to inspire girls to take better control of their money.

This short 1 hour program available every Saturday morning with small class size limited to 10 , addresses the issues girls face when it comes to money management and shows them the path towards more. The goal is to empower girls to make better decisions for themselves, their families, and their communities.  We want to ensure that all girls understand how to access financial education and to cultivate a generation of financially literate girls. 

This program goes through some fundamental learning blocks that all women need in order to succeed financially which includes budgeting, budget-conscious rules, and ways to achieve financial independence.

*This program does not teach girls how to trade, it teaches them the importance of being financially independent.


All our programs are run in Toronto time (EST).  
Our Fall 1 sessions have concluded its registrations. 

Schedule for Fall 2 (October 17 - November 15):

Grades Days Times
6-11 Wednesdays
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