Bonjour French (SK - Grade 5)

Product image 1Bonjour French (SK - Grade 5)
Product image 2Bonjour French (SK - Grade 5)
Product image 3Bonjour French (SK - Grade 5)
Product image 4Bonjour French (SK - Grade 5)

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Bonjour French is an innovative program designed to dramatically increase language proficiency in kids.  

  • Focusing on conversation, song and other vocal means, children develop a proficiency and comfort in speaking that makes it so easy then to learn reading, writing and grammar.
  • Once a child is comfortable speaking and understanding sentence structure, they learn the grammar, conjugation and vocabulary associated with that. 
  • This dramatically increases their language acquisition and makes them far more proficient in a much shorter time.
  • Unlike old school French classes, our class is a lively interchange of kids speaking and explaining themselves in French
  • Even children who don't speak much French end up speaking in French after a lesson! 
  • The class ends with the kids having their own little cafe where they can serve their friends and family in french! 

Location: Explorer Hop, 556 Mount Pleasant Road, Toronto, M4SM6 


Thursday 4 - 5 PM | Grades1 - 2 "Le Petit Cafe" | January 9 - February 27

Thursday 5 - 6 PM | Grades 4 - 6 "Le Bistro" | January 9 - February 27

Sunday 1 - 2 PM | SK - Grade 2  "Le Petit Cafe" | January 19 - March 8

Sunday 2 - 3 PM | Grades 3 - 5 "Le Bistro" | January 19 - March 8


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