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Introduction to Derivatives

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Options Trading is becoming increasingly popular as it allows you to trade without actually putting up large amounts of capital upfront.  This course will get you on your path to understanding the fundamentals of Derivatives and how they are created and traded. 


This course starts with a dive into forex and then moves to learn about different types of derivatives and basic options data. 

Foreign Exchange (Forex) trading topics include:  

  • What is forex? How are exchange rates are calculated?
  • Why do companies use and engage in foreign exchange? 
  • To further solidify the concept of forex, this course discusses and differentiates between three types of forex markets: spot, futures and forwards.
  • Realities of a forex trader and forex contracts.

Derivatives trading: 

You are then introduced to the concept of derivatives and guided on a journey to understand what derivatives are, and why people use them - including some examples to help students grasp the concept firmly.

Topics in derivative trading include: 

  • Concepts of hedging and arbitrage
  • Different types of derivatives - such as futures and commodity derivatives.
  •  Concept of swaps, including details about particular types of swaps like currency swaps and interest rate swaps.
  • What are Options?, The practice of trading options and the process behind learning to understand and read option data. 

PREREQUISITES: ENCM05 (Portfolio Building)


This course is delivered online through self-learning materials. No Live instruction is included in the course. 



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