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About Us

Explorer Hop was created by a Mum-Dad-Daughter trio with the goal of creating a fun way for kids to learn about new cultures and become money savvy. We launched in 2017 and have been growing leaps and bounds in the last year.  In Summer 2018 we had over a hundred campers who all learnt about different cultures and how to invest money or start their own businesses! 

In one year, we have received the following accolades:

 In Fall 2019, we opened our first Learning Centre at 556 Mount Pleasant Road, Toronto.  Our goal is to create a centre for innovation that is a fun learning environment where kids are immersed in learning and develop a love of Finance, Entrepreneurship, Culture and Robotics.  We have built deep relationships with some of the leaders in modern education to enable our classes to be quite different from what is currently offered. 

Hasina, Igor, Mira & Teyus of Explorer Hop

Hasina, who manages the creative side of the business, is a management consultant with over 20 years of experience managing global projects.  She has worked as a Special Consultant for the United Nations creating transformative economic plans for East European countries,  in addition she has managed projects over $50 million, with over 150 people reporting to her, at several international banks in Frankfurt, London, Switzerland and Hong Kong. 

In Canada, she was the youngest IT Director of a major insurance company,  and implemented several multi-million dollar projects at most of the major banks and the Ontario & Federal government.  She was also a special consultant to the Governments of British Columbia and Alberta for health care transformation. 

Through all this, she has visited more than 45 countries and lived in more than 8 countries across 3 continents.  Working in the global market place for so long, has showed her the importance for kids to have a better understanding of different cultures and a deeper foundation in money management.   

In her free time, she tries out new recipes, plans trips and writes stories for her children. A lifetime of passion in elementary education and empowerment of kids has allowed her to grow the company at it's current pace. 

Igor, our technical guru, is a very senior IT Consultant who has been providing high level solutions to banks, insurance companies and retail organizations for over 25 years.  A passionate supporter of children learning to think out of the box, he is highly acknowledged by his peers for filding corporate technical solutions where no obvious one existed. 

Mira, our creative mind, who is all of 12 years old, was basically born into a travelling family and has embraced the love of exploration.  She speaks 5 languages and is the inspiration for one of our characters. When she was just 1, her parents took her to Belgium and India on a road trip for 6 weeks, this was followed by more exotic adventures to different countries. When she is not in school, Mira is practicing her piano or playing hockey.  Her favorite country is Norway and her favorite food is Idly (Steamed Rice Cakes) from India. Her favorite person is her little brother, Teyus. 

Teyus, all of 5 years old, is already a key contributor to our projects and is already working on his contribution to the family business.  When he is not building amazing 3D lego structures, he is practicing his whistling or going swimming.  


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