Adventure in Keswick: The Power of Education

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Just as they were trying mankind’s very first pencil together, Addison came to them and said, “I don’t understand what the purpose is of all this trouble anyway. Why do we have to write anything in the first place? Surely we can just remember it if it’s that important, right?”  Mira & Teyus in Keswick. Dreaming about the power of education.

Hari smiled. The power of education had not yet been widely known.  He took out his magic carpet and asked Addison to sit on it. Very cautiously, Addison took his spot on the carpet, he had still not gotten over his suspicion of these foreign looking travellers. As he sat down, the look on his face become reflective, he saw the universities of Oxford and Cambridge. In the future, these were no longer only for the rich folks but for everyone. He saw his very own son in school learning about a wide variety of things, he even saw girls learning and becoming doctors and lawyers and building bridges (Girls were not allowed to graduate from university in England till 1920 – only 100 years ago!). He was humbled by what he saw. He realized then, that education was far more powerful than any piece of machinery or any army. 

“Who would have thought something as fragile and dirty as this rock could have such a big impact” he said. As he spoke, the travelers noticed a large group of people coming towards them. 

“Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth is arriving!” Addison exclaimed. The travellers were beyond excited. They were about to meet the monarch who not only united England, but who was also instrumental in giving the world Shakespeare! Mira was the most excited, her love for Shakespeare was unmatched.

Mira suddenly remembered her skin was all blotchy with black graphite marks and her clothes were all dirty! Teyus and Hari looked equally unpresentable! How could they possibly meet the Queen like this!  Mira & Teyus in Keswick.  Hari with herbs. From the distance, it looked like the Queen and her travelling party would arrive in about 20 minutes. Oh dear! Mira was quite upset at how she looked. Addison, sensing this was important for her, took her and the boys to the nearby creek to wash themselves off. He looked amused as the travellers furiously scrubbed themselves. You see, back then, no one would really be so concerned about washing themselves. The average person took a bath maybe once a year!

Hari took out a special mixture from his pocket made up of herbs and roses. While this may not have helped with the general appearance of the travellers, at least it would help scrub the carbon off their skin and make them smell better. 

Just as they were finishing up in the creek, Addison reminded the group of the time, “Her Majesty will be here shortly, we must get ready to receive her!”

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