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Adventure on the Great Silk Road: Solving The Mystery

<<Back to The Meaning of The 3 Dots  Mira & Teyus in Uzbekistan. Entrance to Registan.“Follow me” Firuza said, as she led them through the gates of the  splendid building on Registan. Past beautiful murals, up magnificent stairs and through a maze of rooms, each one more stunning than the next with views overlooking the square below.

Finally, they came to a large wooden door. Firuza knocked and slowly opened the door.

She bowed down and said, “Good Day Sir. Do you remember me? I am the girl from the market below. I’ve heard you have worries that no one can solve. I thought I’d bring you some travellers from a very far away land to help”.

The man looked up at Firuza and then at the travellers. He reached down and from his pocket took out coins, giving them to her as a reward. This would go towards the cost of her journey home. 

The man looked at the travellers and said, “I am Muzzafar, the Chief Weaver for the King. I wanted to make a carpet for his majesty, a style of carpet that has never been made before. I built a loom but it seems to always get stuck. I also can’t figure out what design I should weave. It must be an original design!”  Mira & Teyus in Uzbekistan. Fixing the weaveTeyus studied the loom and walked around it. Finally, he flicked his multi-purpose knife open and using the bottle opener, untangled the Heddle eye of the machine.  He then fitted the loom with some cotton and wool and using the foot pedals started to weave. It worked! “These Heddle heads had become tangled up” Teyus proudly announced.

“And I know what design you need!” exclaimed Mira.  “You need to show the King different countries.” 

The weaver nodded, the king was very interested in exploring the world and had visited many new places. But what country was there that he hadn’t visited?  Mira & Teyus in Uzbekistan.  Norway Fjord.Firuza started “Ummm. You could do the north kingdom, where I come from. It’s a land of stark, white icebergs which I’m sure the king has never seen before. Blue skies and whales bigger than the eye can see….” Saying that, she sketched out a drawing for the weaver, who was overjoyed.  Mira & Teyus in Uzbekistan. Magic carpets.Firuza told the weaver her story and that of the travellers. Muzzafar was so impressed he took two carpets from a pile on the floor, rolled them up and said “Here is a warm carpet for you to sleep on, my friends.” He gave one to Firuza and one to Hari. “Both of these carpets were woven by the same magical thread and are intertwined, though, I do not know what magic they have in them.” He also gave Hari a blue box with golden lacquer workmanship in the shape of flowers on top.  Mira & Teyus in Uzbekistan. Hand with Saffron.It was late and time to get home. Just as they were leaving their separate ways, Hari reached into his pocket and took out the handkerchief. He cupped it in his palm, put something inside and tied a knot. “Firuza, here is some Saffron for you. Use it sparingly to help get you home.” He looked at Mira and Teyus and said, “Saffron is worth more than gold. She can use it as a currency to trade a journey home”. 

Hari then held his map in anticipation. They all knew it would glow shortly with a clue. They stared at it for a second, and then a bit more, and more… but there was nothing.

Finally, just as Hari was about to put it back into his pocket, it began to shine and glow. The image of a box appeared in the centre of the map, emboldened with the words:  

I perfume the night and sleep at day.  Mira & Teyus in Uzbekistan. Map with Clue

What does that mean?

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