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How to Start Investing: Introduction

It was a rainy day and Jonah had just had a visit from Barron von Greedybags who informed him that his rent will be going up. 

Jonah and Edna were both sad and wished they had their own house.

Let’s go and talk to our financial adviser in the bank” suggested Edna, I am sure he will find a way to help us. 

The next day, they left home and went to see the financial advisor.  They explained how they wanted to buy a house but weren’t sure how to do it.

He smiled and suggested they start investing.

“What is Investing?” asked Jonah confused.  He had heard so many people say the word but no one could really explain what it was.

“Investing means making your money make more money” said the financial adviser.

"How can money make more money?" ssked Jonah very confused.


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