Buy Local: Local Businesses Need To Be More Competitive

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Grandma signed, Teyus was correct. People are always interested in getting a bargain and if local businesses plan on surviving, they need to get competitive. This means, they need to provide people with a reason to buy from them.  Buy Local. German cars are more expensive yet are competitive.

It’s not all about price, she explained to the travellers. Look at German cars for instance, they are much more expensive than American ones, and still people buy them because they are considered better quality.  The important thing is to show you are better than the others. 

She went back to the story of Jonah. 

The next day Jonah returned to the market with a Hibachi grill and a frying pan. As soon as shoppers would come close he would make an omelette with his super fresh eggs and give them to people to taste for themselves. The people were gobsmacked! People loved the taste of fresh eggs and were willing to pay more for them!

He did the same for the strawberries. The cheaper ones had to be doused in sugar to be sweet, but not his. Once again, he started handing his out for tasting. When people tasted how much better the local berries were they bought them straight away! Even though they paid a little more, they were paying for quality.  Buy Local.  Edna suggests new egg containerGrandma also told them how local firms need to  cut unnecessary costs and wastage while keeping quality high. It’s a very tricky balance because if they cut too much then there is bound to be an impact to the quality. 

When Jonah came home the next day, Edna suggested they cut out some unnecessary costs. “Instead of using these fancy containers to give the eggs in, why don’t we use recycled cardboard containers?”

 “Good idea!” replied Jonah, “That will save us a lot of money every week!”

Everyone was happy. They understood not only how important it is to support local businesses, but also how important is it for local businesses to be competitive. 

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