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Golden Rules of Saving. Number 1.



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  Golden Rule of Saving. Rule number 1.The First. Wait to buy what you want. Grandma explained, “It’s always better to wait a bit, save more and buy something you will enjoy instead of wasting your money on things you may not like or use. Don’t buy something just for the sake of buying something.  Golden Rules of Saving Number 1. Mira decides between Comic and Book. The children nodded in agreement.

“It’s sort of like when I get a comic at the bookshop, I read it in 10 minutes. I could save for a story book, which may cost a little more but can be enjoyed reading over and over again” said Mira, rather sadly.  Golden Rules of Saving Number 1. Teyus chooses between lollipop and Toblerone. Teyus interjected, “Or, it’s like when I buy a lollipop because I haven’t saved up enough for my favourite treat, a Toblerone bar.” He couldn’t help but think of all the times he could have just saved up a little bit more, but didn’t and had to settle for a lollipop.

“Exactly” replied Granny with a smile. She went on, “Just like the times you wait your turn to go on a slide in the playground or to answer a teacher at school, you need to wait sometimes and save a bit more to get what you really want.”

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