Holiday plans are cancelled?

Let's make these holidays into
a moment our kids will remember.

Thousands of kids in our community and around the world, need food, medical care, help dealing with mental health issues and safety from abusive situations.

Consider donating the price of just a portion of a holiday gift to one of these worthy organizations who are doing everything they can to help those in need.

What better way to have an awesome holiday than to ensure that everyone is safe, well-fed and healthy.

Donate $20 or more, and get a $20 gift card for any of our programs*

* See terms & conditions


Click on the charity you are interested in and click donate.

You will be taken to a GoFundMe page for your charity of choice.

The funds you donate will only go to this charity.

You will receive a tax receipt from GoFundMe

Explorer Hop is Canada's leading Financial Literacy & Entrepreneurship program for kids.
We have launched over 45 kid businesses that have raised over $40,000 for charity.
This holiday season, the needs in our community are so great that we are taking things one step further to help
everyone enjoy a safe and healthy holiday season.

Terms & Conditions

Please note the following terms regarding our community fundraising program. The purpose of this program is to encourage more donations for causes that support our communities. These donations allow nonprofit and charity organizations with the funds needed to continue to provide their services and help those in need. Explorer Hop offers a $20 coupon code per every valid donation of $20 or higher. If your donation is larger than $20, you will receive a gift card of $20. If your donation is less than $20, we are unable to issue you a gift card. All the funds you provide will go directly to GoFundMe. Explorer Hop is not involved in any of the financial transactions. Tax receipts will be issued by GoFundMe and the donations will be given directly to the charity you choose.  The gift card will be issued once we receive your email address from the charity, this could take up to a week.  The gift card is not able to be redeemed for cash.  The gift card will expire on Dec 31, 2020 and no extension is possible.  The gift card can be used on any of our programs as long as it is redeemed prior to Dec 31, 2020.  Only one gift card may be used per order. This means, if a program costs $100 you are only able to use one gift card of $20 towards it.  Gift cards are delivered by email to the same email that the donation was made. We are unable to issue gift cards to other emails.

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