Join our Math Hackathon! - Dec. 11-12th, 2021

Mission: Design your own Underwater Exploration Device

Countries all around the world are looking to explore the bottoms of lakes and oceans to get a better understanding of what's down there. 

The Mayor of Luctusville has just received some money from the government to start exploring a lake in the town.  He needs to build an exploration device and needs your help. 

  • You can use absolutely any material to design your device (Lego, Crayons, Sticks, Beads - anything!).
  • Explain to the Mayor how it would would build the device and  how it would work.
  • Send us a picture of it. 
Entries will be displayed in our gallery.  You will get 30 Explorer Points per submission.  Only 1 submission per account is possible.  


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