Adventure in Australia: The Great Barrier Reef

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Matilda told the travellers that the Great Barrier Reef had just been designated as a national park by the government and that she was expecting a lot more tourists. Her dad asked her to investigate the Coral Sea and find the best underwater spots to take the tourists, which is when she stumbled upon these soggy travellers. Mira, Teyus and Hari were excited to see more of the reef and agreed to tag along for the trip with Matilda who was more than happy to have to company.  Mira & Teyus in Australia.  Mira is a Mermaid.

As far as the eye could see there were amazing coral and fish, they even passed a few prowling sharks. When they hit the bottom, they saw lobsters and crabs, sea horses and all kinds of eels. Mira couldn’t help but feel like she was a mermaid.  Mira & Teyus in Australia. The Dying Reef.

But they also saw a lot of bleached out coral which had no colour in them.  They were so shocked to see bits of cans and plastic bottles at the bottom of the ocean. 

“Oh No!” said Teyus.

“Those reefs are dead” explained Matilda. “You see, we humans don’t care for our planet as much as we should, we pollute it and eventually, things die. The temperature in the water has also been getting warmer due to pollution which is also killing the reef.”

The travelers were sad to see that. They knew that these corals would not come to life again and such beautiful natural beauty had been lost forever.  Mira & Teyus in Australia. Ozone Hole

Matilda also explained about the ozone hole in the atmosphere and how children in Australia have to be really careful outdoors. The travellers wondered if there was some way to make people really understand all of this destruction. One idea they had was to make products which pollute the Earth more expensive so less people use them. 

They were ready to start their ascent when all of a sudden, the lights sputtered and went out. It was just a flicker thankfully, less than a second. But when you are in a sealed capsule at the bottom of the ocean, even a second of darkness seems very long.

“Oh no! We probably stayed out too long!” Matilda grumbled, firmly focused on the dashboard and trying to figure out what was wrong. The submarine was stuck at the bottom of the sea. No matter what she tried, it would not move. They were stuck in the seaweed, surrounded by a forest of hard coral!

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