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How to Trade Successfully: An Introduction

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“O sole Mio” the song came out of the wireless speaker as Grandma Tara danced around her kitchen. She loved this song. It reminded her of when she had gone to Italy several years ago on a trip. On the stove, she had a most delicious surprise for her intrepid grandchildren. She glanced at the clock and wondered where they were. 

Just then, like a tornado entering her kitchen, Mira and Teyus ran in and told her all about their trip to Italy.  Mira could not stop talking about Da Vinci and Teyus was filling her in on the Vitruvian man. They glanced at the stove and looked at the yummy food there. 

“What are these nests?” asked Teyus, fork in his hand, ready to eat it.

“Pasta and cheese in a fancy way” replied Grandma.

“Ooh! I love Nutella” proclaimed Mira who was enjoying a slice of bread with a lot of Nutella on it.

“Grandma, can you believe that we had to trade that fancy hair pin Estella gave is in New York City, to see Da Vinci? I wish I had made a better trade, I really liked that hair pin" said Mira, rather sadly.

"Well, let's learn how to trade well then!" said Granny who was always ready to teach the kids more about money. "Do you remember my neighbours wife Edna?".

The travelers grinned, they loved hearing about Edna, it always made them laugh.

Grandma continued, "so here is a good story about how to trade".

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