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Birthday Parties (Ages 5-12)

Regular price $325.00

Celebrate your child's birthday with us!  We offer a wide range of theme selections and 1 hour of programming is included in the party.

  • Parties bookings can be made at the following times and prices (base price includes up to 10 participants)
    • Fridays from 7-9pm = $325 + HST
    • Saturdays from  5:30pm-7:30pm = $365 + HST
    • Sundays from 8.30-10.30am = $325 + HST
    • Sundays from 5:30pm-7:30pm  = $365 + HST
  • Additional guests (up to 24 total) $28 +HST per person
  • Children select a theme of their choice:  Exotic India, Pharoah's Egypt, Renaissance Italy, or Super Hero Yoga
  • Party room set-up & clean-up
  • Full color invitations & envelopes
  • 2-4 staff party hosts (based on the number of guests)
  • 1 hour 50 minutes of use of our facilities

Add on: 

Loot Bags: $10 each and will match the theme

Party Essentials: $5/person (all the tableware and cutlery you need)



How do I book a party?

Please book your date online by purchasing a party.  Once we get the reservation, we will contact you by email to start the process. 

Is 1 hour 50 minutes long enough?

We find that 1 hour 50 minutes is the perfect amount of time for our kids and tweens parties. It allows kids plenty of time to take part in the activities and enjoy a snack. 

What age are your parties appropriate for?

Our parties are perfect for all kids ages 5 and up (tweens and teens included)! We can customize the event to be perfectly suited to any age, ensuring it is fun. Just tell us what your child is into and we will help you figure it out. 

    Do you have an event planner for kids parties?

    Yes, we recommend Majestic Drive Events.  Please contact Anuja (647) 300-5810 or by email majesticdriveevents@gmail.com

    How many guests can you accommodate?

    For birthdays of kids ages 5-12, we can accommodate a total of 24 invitees including all children and adults who are attending.  Invitees include children and all other adults. The birthday child  and 2 adults are not considered invitees. 

    When can I arrive to set up for my child's party?

    Hosts should arrive up to 15 minutes prior to their booking, at which time we can help you set up any food items. There is no need to arrive earlier, since we take care of everything else!

    Is there parking available?

    Limited parking is available on the streets.  There is a pay parking available only a few roads north of us.  It's best to drop off your food before parking the car.  

    When do I have to finalize my guest count?

    We need a final count 4 days prior to your party at which point your card on file will be charged.   We can accommodate a variance of 2 guests fewer or above your guest count (i.e. if your guest count is 18 and you have 15 or fewer attend, then you will be charged for 16.)

    Can I invite the guests parents to stay?

    Please limit adult guests to 4 due studio size limitations and to ensure the safety of the children. 

    Can we serve lunch or dinner and birthday cake?

    Absolutely!  Please feel free to serve whatever you want as long as it is nut free.  To minimize waste we recommend mini cup cakes and cake pops which are a lot easier to eat than larger cakes. We can assist with placing the order for the pizza. 

    Is your facility nut free?

    While we cannot guarantee a nut-free facility, we do ask that you bring only nut free food and treats to serve at your party.

    What do I need to bring?

    We recommend you bring the following:  

    • Birthday cake or cupcakes (cupcakes & cake pops are easiest!);
    • Snacks (lightly seasoned snacks are best for munching while crafting!);
    • Lunch or dinner (Pizza works much better than sandwiches or sushi)
    • Drinks (juice boxes work really well);
    • Lootbags (or you can buy these from us);
    • Camera
    • Plates & Cutlery (Cake knife, Cups, straws, meal plates, dessert plates, napkins, candles, utensils, chip bowls, serving dishes;  Table cloths are provided. )

    Can you provide all the tableware?

    Yes!  If you don't want to deal with the hassle of getting all the tableware, please let us know after you book the party and we will add Party Essentials $5/person and take care of everything. 

    Do you have a refrigerator?

    Sorry! We do not have a refrigerator for the party.  

    What is your party and event cancellation policy?

    You need to pay a sum of $365 +HST to reserve your party. If you need to cancel, you can get a 50% credit towards another party date.  The next date must be booked within 2 weeks of the cancelled party or the credit expires. Credit does not apply if cancellation is made within 72 hours of the party. 


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