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Create your own Sales Pitch (Grades 6-9)

Create your own Sales Pitch (Grades 6-9)
Virtual Financial Camp on Trading Knowledge for the kids
Business Camp for youth on Financail LIteracy
Financial Camp for kids on Entrepreneurship

Calling All Entrepreneurs!

Get ready to pitch your own business ideas just like in Shark Tank or Dragon’s Den. With this course, all students learn the art of sales, presentation and analyzing your audience from investors to consumers. Practise with daily challenges on sales pitches and compete for a fictional investor’s and your consumer’s attention. Explore different styles of sales pitches that go from basic to extensive sales presentations.

Topics include:

  • Customer Segmentation
  • Elevator pitch
  • Storytelling in Sales 
  • Post-sale discipline


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What do I need for e-learning?

1) A device with access to the internet and a webcam

2) Paper and pencils

3) Ideas

4) A smile

- we will send you all the rest of the information! 


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