Creative Science (Grades 2-5)

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Creative Science is a hands on, fun program that breaks down science concepts into small understandable modules that children learn through fun experiments in class. 

  • Kids learn the concepts by actually doing them. This dramatically improves knowledge acquisition.    
  • The program covers concepts in Physics, Chemistry, Biology and Environmental Sciences.  
  • This program is designed to build curiosity.
  • Children who have been exposed to our program will develop a far deeper understanding of science than their peers. 

 Free Pick up from schools (5 kids minimum per school)

Sign your child up for creative learning programs from 4:00 - 5:50 pm and we offer free pick up from the following area schools. 

  • Maurice Cody
  • Eglinton Junior Public Academy
  • Sunnybrook School
  • John Fisher Public School
  • St Monica Catholic School
  • The York School

For school bus kids, we will meet your child at the school bus stop.  5 kids minimum per stop.  If the school bus can drop them off to our location at 556 Mount Pleasant Road, there is no minimum to meet them at the bus.  

Can I sign my child up for multiple sessions per week?

Yes!  Each session will work on a different project so your child will always be working on new concepts.  We find kids who come to 2-3 sessions a week become proficient in even more scientific concepts. 

Schedule (pick one) 

Monday 5-5:30 pm  (12 classes - no classes on Oct 14) 

Tuesday 4 -4.50 pm  (12 classes) 

Wednesday 4-4.50 pm  (12 classes) 

Location:  Explorer Hop, 556 Mount Pleasant Road, Toronto M4S 2M6

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