Day Trading (Grades 7 - 11)

Day Trading (Grades 7 - 11)
Online Trading Camp for kids on Financial Business
Entrepreneurship Camp on Money Management for kids
Camp Millionaire for kids on how to Invest Money
Business Program for kids on Financial Trading

Are you ready to become a Day Trader?

In this masterclass, you will learn what it takes to become a Day Trader. This course is designs for all students curious about to take their investing skills to the next level and trade confidently. You will also be actively day-trading in this course in simulation game with virtual currency.

Topics include: 

  • Introduction to Day trading
  • Day Trading Strategies
  • Taxes & Day Trading
  • Day Trading Terminology


Available now in all time zones globally. Select your time zone and enrol.

What do I need for e-learning?

1) A device with access to the internet and a webcam

2) Paper and pencils

3) Ideas

4) A smile

- we will send you all the rest of the information! 


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