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e-Camp Millionaire Package & Save - Levels 2-4 - India

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Bundle up and save in our best-selling programs.

Save when you buy the bundle! This reduced price allows your child to go through levels 2-4 of our investment program and get them on the path of financial success. 

The App allows your child to continue learning in a very interactive way so that they get even better in finance and managing money. 

In an extremely fun, engaging way, we teach kids how to become pros at managing their money. 

Level 2: Learn about balanced portfolios which include mutual funds, fixed income and other investment techniques

Level 3: Learn how to invest in global equities by trading stocks virtually all over the world, understand currency exchanges and how international news impacts markets. 

Level 4: Learn about income tax, capital gains tax, bitcoin and so much more. 

End result:  Students have more financial knowledge than 95% of the adult population.  They can easily invest on their own, are able to understand the financial news and apply it. Most important - they are in a better position for a financial future. 


All classes are held online via Zoom

What do I need to participate?
1) A device connected to a computer with internet and a webcam
2) Pencil and Papers
3) Lots of ideas
4) A smile! 
- we will give you everything else you need! 


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