How to be a Millionaire for Teens- Saturday 2.15-3.15pm (Sheppard & Yonge)

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A FUN After-School Kids Program that gives teens the fundamental financial knowledge they need to succeed. We specialize in making "money" a fun topic for kids to understand. At the end of the semester, your child will be able to understand the financial section of a newspaper and have a really good idea of how money works. 

All kids take part in an Investment Challenge where they are given a virtual portfolio of $10,000 and will actively invest in it. 

Over a course of 9 weeks, kids will get an understanding of all elements of investing. From Savings, to Budgeting to Investing. They will also learn about issues that impact their portfolios: NAFTA, Global Warming, Interest Rates, Inflation, Stock Markets, Gold, Precious Metals - you name it!   

Time: 2.15-3.15 pm  Saturdays

Dates: October 13- Dec 1, 2018 (8 classes) 

Location: Sheppard & Yonge

Age Range: 10 - 13 years (Grades 5-7) 

Only 10 spots! 

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