Junior Engineer (Grades 1-3)

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Junior Engineer is a hands on engineering program for elementary school kids, where they learn fundamental concepts in various engineering domains (Civil, Mechanical, Chemical, Geotechnical and Environmental).   

  • Each week kids learn a concept and immediately in class build something that shows them how the concept works! 
  • This ensures that they gain an even deeper understanding of engineering concepts.  
  • Be prepared to have a child who comes home excited about all kinds of engineering facts and ready to show you what they learnt.  
  • We find children who have been exposed to our program develop a far deeper understanding of math and science than their peers.

Who should join? 

Kids in Grades 1-3  


Saturday 11 - 11:50 am.  September 28 - December 21 (12 classes - No classes on Oct 12)  

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