Make your own Boardgame (Grades 3 - 8)

Product image 1Kids learn how to make boardgames and learn math and design concepts
Product image 2Make your own Boardgame (Grades 3 - 8)
Product image 3Make your own Boardgame (Grades 3 - 8)

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Does your child like board games? In our fun class they build their own boardgames

Ever wanted to play Snakes & Ladders, mixed with Monopoly - let's make it! 

Each child works on their own project and at the end of 8 weeks they have a brand new board game made entirely by them.  

They also learn about all the math and design concepts that go into a board game and even have the chance to get their new game produced into a real game

Join anytime! (6 sessions, 2 hours each)

Location: Explorer Hop, 556 Mount Pleasant Road, Toronto ON M4S 2M6

Sessions: Saturdays 3 - 5 PM

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