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Ni Hao Mandarin (Grades 2 - 5)

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Ni Hao Mandarin is a wonderful way to introduce your kids to the fastest growing language on the planet!  Our innovative program is designed to dramatically increase language proficiency in kids.  

  • Kid become comfortable communicating in a Chinese speaking setting.  For example, after one year in our Ni Hao Mandarin program, kids should be able to order a meal in Mandarin from your local Chinese restaurant. 
  • Once a child is comfortable speaking and understanding sentence structure, they learn how to write in pinyin (and later in Chinese characters) and vocabulary associated with that. 
  • This dramatically increases their language acquisition and makes them far more proficient in a much shorter time.
  • Unlike old school Mandarin classes, our class is a lively interchange of kids speaking and explaining themselves in Mandarin after only a couple of sessions.

Do you teach Chinese characters?

Yes.  Due to the complexity of Mandarin, children learn tonalities and vocabulary through Pinyin (Mandarin written in English) while simultaneously learning and writing Chinese characters. This speeds up their language acquisition and makes it easier for them to read Chinese characters. 


Join anytime!  New students can join anytime in the year. 

Schedule : Saturday 12-1 PM (12 sessions)


Location: Explorer Hop Learning Lounge, 556 Mount Pleasant Rd, Toronto 

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