Creative Math (Grades 2 -5)

Product image 1Creative Math (Grades 2 -5)
Product image 2Creative Math (Grades 2 -5)
Product image 3Creative Math (Grades 2 -5)
Product image 4Creative Math (Grades 2 -5)
Product image 5Creative Math (Grades 2 -5)
Product image 6Creative Math (Grades 2 -5)
Product image 7Creative Math (Grades 2 -5)
Product image 8Creative Math (Grades 2 -5)

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Maths Concepts broken down to a relatable level for your child

Creative Math is an innovative, fun and highly efficient way to teach children math using hands-on practical applications

  • In our classes, we cover a concept and kids immediately implement that concept in class in a math project of their choice (board games, puzzles, card games, whatever else they choose).
  • They use different math skills to design and create rules for the game. This way they acquire real-world applied knowledge about mathematical concepts such as shapes, multiplication, division, fractions, decimals, surface areas, fractions, perimeters, distance and a lot more!
  • Our creative math students love math because it makes sense to them. 
  • They see their learning as a game and not as tedious work. And that's how we believe math should be, fun and practical.

Free Pick up from local schools 

  • Maurice Cody
  • Eglinton Junior Public Academy
  • Sunnybrook School
  • John Fisher Public School
  • St Monica Catholic School

Join anytime!  12 week session.  Classes available at the following times (pick one time) 

Monday 4.00 - 4.50 

Wednesdays 5.00 - 5.50 

Fridays 4.00 - 4.50 

Location: Explorer Hop Learning Lounge, 556 Mount Pleasant Rd, Toronto

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