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Ultimate Package (Entrepreneurship + Investing) (Grades 7-9)- India

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Buy a bundle and give your child the ultimate business immersion.  Through interactive lessons with an expert trainer, your child will first work in a group to launch their own digital business to help an NGO/Charity.  After this, they will learn how to manage their money and master the stock market. 

  • Learn how to analyze trends and create digital products that meet a social need. 
  • Learn how to effectively use social media to market and sell the product. 
  • Raise funds for an NGO/Charity to reinforce the need for entrepreneurs to create change.
  • Learn how to operate as a team, work on product pitches and launch their product. 
  • Learn everything they need to be able to trade stocks.  Master Risk, Earnings, Valuations and Financial Trends.
  • Participate in a simulated stock trading exercise using our proprietary trading platform with a direct feed from Wall Street.  Hone your skills at investing and learn while doing. 
  • Learn how to analyze financial news and understand the impact of external factors on their investments

The timings show reflect the Entrepreneurship Program and then the Investment Program Camp Millionaire.

Ongoing Benefits of the Program

Be better than the best: By the end of this program, your child will get adequate knowledge to launch their own business on a global scale.  We have launched over 45 kid businesses this year alone, which has raised over $40,000 for service organizations. 

Creating a successful entrepreneur:  In our extensive experience, we have found that early immersion into entrepreneurship is fundamental to setting up a child for success.  Most of the best entrepreneurs we know launched their first businesses in their teens. 
Make a difference to your family:  In our extensive experience, we have found that early investment immersion helps not only the student but the entire family as your child will now be able to understand the value of money and work involved in growing money better. 

Enhanced Student Portfolios

At the end of the program, your child will get not only a solid understanding of what's involved in launching their own business but also get the opportunity to significantly increase their future success.  By learning how to invest you are quite literally setting them up for future financial success.  We add to that with the following: 

NGOs / Charities our Teen Entrepreneurs could launch initiatives to support


What does my child need to participate?
1) A device connected to a computer with internet and a webcam
2) Pencil and Papers
3) Lots of ideas
4) A smile! 
- we will give you everything else you need! 



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