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Foods from Britain- Easy Fish and Chips!

Foods from Britain- Easy Fish and Chips!

When Mira & Teyus were in London, they ate some amazing Fish and Chips.  

Here is a recipe that you can easily make on your own. 


Serves: 4


For fish

4 boneless filet of your favorite fish (ask the fish monger to make them not too thick)

1 egg

1/2 cup flour

1/4 cup of Sprite 

4 tbsp oil 

White vinegar



For Chips:

4 large potatoes cut into chips or wedges

1 tbsp of oil (to mix with potatoes)

4 tbsp of oil (to fry the chips)




For fish: 

1) Make a batter for the fish by mixing the egg, flour and Sprite.  It is the correct consistency if it coats the back of the spoon.  If it's too thick, add a little more Sprite. If it's too thin, add more flour. 

2) Wash and Dry the fish and dip it in the batter. 

3) Take a pan and put it on the fire.  Add the oil to it and let the oil warm up a bit.  (You may need adult supervision for this and the rest of the steps below.)

4) When the oi has heated, take the fish and gently put it in the oil.  Be careful because it could splatter.  If you have tongs at home, use those or a long fork.  Put the flame on medium.

5) Turn the fish after 3-4 minutes when it is golden brown so that the other side can get cooked. 

6) When both sides are golden brown, break a little bit from the middle of one fish to make sure that it is cooked inside. 

7) Gently take it from the pan with a spatula and put it on some paper towels. 


For Chips

1) Coat the potatoes with the oil. 

2) Heat a pan with the remaining 4 tbsp of oil in it. 

3) Add the potatoes and fry on a medium fire until golden brown and cooked. 

4) Remove from fire and put on some kitchen paper towels. 


To serve:

1) Take a couple of sheets of newspaper and roll it into a cone.  Fold the bottom edge so that there is only one opening. 

2) Add the chips to the bottom, then put the fried fish slices on top.  

3) Splash some vinegar and salt.  




Share the recipe with friends.  Add a comment below and tell us what you thought of the recipe.  Give us suggestions to make it better.  All comments which are posted get 10 Explorer Points. 

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  • This recipe is great! It’s very yummy and tasty.

    Mirabella Kolodkin

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