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Making my own Portfolio

We asked kids to make their own portfolio. Here is what they said.  Name  % in Cash % in something you own  % in s...


Which Bank for Me?

Wondering which Bank is good for you at this stage in life?  Let's compare the interest rates between banks and find ...


Grade 5 Investment Challenge

About the Investment Challenge project: ExplorerHop  is working with a class of Grade 5 students in Toronto to empow...


The Ultimate Gift for Me!

Mira & Teyus visited Gandma who taught them all they need to know about Giving Gifts.  We asked our reader what t...


Vitruvian Man vs. You

Mira, Teyus and Hari landed in Milan in the middle of the Renaissance period.  They had also landed in the studio of ...


Climb a Coconut Tree

When Mira & Teyus have an adventure in the Philippines, they meet a biy called Nonoy.  He climbs up a coconut tre...


Making a budget

Mira & Teyus landed in Uzbekistan, on the Great Silk Route.  There, they meet another traveller called Firoza.  W...


Keeping Money Safe

When Mira & Teyus are in Egypt, they learn how robbers have stolen precious things from the Pharaoh's tomb.  In t...


Design your own Underwater Exploration Device

Mira and Teyus go to Australia, where they have a pretty awesome experience in a mini submarine at the bottom of the ...


Design your own Rose

When our intrepid travellers are in Ecuador, they land in a rose farm.  In our mission Design your own Rose, readers ...


Negotiate a Free Trade Agreement

In our mission Negotiate a Free Trade Agreement, we ask readers to help form an agreement between two towns that grow...


Stock Market Mission

In our mission Invest in the Stock Market, readers were asked what company they would invest in and why they think it...
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