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Help Get Hari Home

Help Get Hari Home

We've received awesome responses to our mission How to get Hari Home.  Here are some of them.  

Before they get too far away from India and it's a bike,Hari can jump off of the bike.- Amal, Markham 
Turn bike into airplane to take Hari back. - James (Age 8) Toronto
Get a time machine in Toronto take it to India on an airplane and then activate it in India and press the button to seventeenth century - Nikita (Age 10) Toronto
Keep trying to travel back to the time zone he was in.- Bassel (Age 12) Mississauga
There should be a magical thing that gives them clues and the clues lead to a place that has a person that will take Hari home - Mirabella (Age 10) Toronto
Keep teleporting until it is the same time zone and location. - Hussein (Age 13) Oakville
I think they should keep time traveling until they get back home. - Zeina (Age 12) Oakville
They can wait until the simulator guesses and predicts to go to the 17th century - Ryder (Age 10) Toronto
Mira and Teyus  can take Hari home by trying to make the bike go back to places they visited.- Eve (Grade 5) Toronto
 Mira and Teyus can build a new machine like Anulap that takes them to the time and place they want. - Evelyn (Grade 5) Toronto
I think that they could go to many different places and go back to Toronto and then ride it again and they are back to India. Basically they go through everywhere and in a loop. -Kaitlin (Grade 6) Toronto
They can travel back to India in 17th century - Jackson (Grade 6) Toronto
Maybe Mira and Teyus can jump to someplace close to India and then walk there. -AmeliaC (Grade 6) Toronto
I think that they can't. I think that they will be stuck with him. But that won't stop them from traveling. They will keep traveling and trying to get Hari home. Hari misses his family. They all get used Hari and when they finally find him, they don't want to let him leave. They finally leave and come back 4 years later to have a reunion. - Mia (Grade 6) Toronto
Mira and Teyus could take Hari on the Lucius Velo and try to get back to 17th century India. Until then they could take him with them on there adventures. - Tess (Grade 6 Toronto
They can try several things like picturing that time period in India in their minds before transporting through time. - Jean Luc (Grade 6) Toronto
I think Mira and Teyus can help Hari get back to India by traveling back to the 17th century India with Hari with them, then leave him there. - Siobhan (Grade 4) Toronto

Well once Mira and Teyus get to there next stop they can tell the Luctus were to go and then Hari could go back home. - Jonah (Grade 6) Toronto

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