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Keeping Money Safe

Keeping Money Safe

When Mira & Teyus are in Egypt, they learn how robbers have stolen precious things from the Pharaoh's tomb.  In the story, Keep Money Safe, they see how Edna lost her money and precious belongings in so many ways!

We asked our readers how they would keep their money and passwords safe after they had read the story, here's some of their responses. 


From Justin (Age 11) North York: Right now, I put all my money in a bag and hang on to it.  Now, I will keep my money in a bank account and everything will be safe.

From Athena (Age 9) Markham: I will keep my money safe by putting it in a bank and won't tell anyone where I put it. 

From Kaylon (Age 14) Toronto:  I keep all of my money/savings in a bank account. I will change where I keep precious things by changing the spots I hide certain things

From Hussein (Age 12) OakvilleI keep my money in my debit card. My precious things I keep in my house. 

From Nikita (Age 10) Toronto: I will put my money in a bank and some extra money in my house in a secret spot with my valuables. 

From Erind (Age 10) Toronto:  I hide it in a box and will still hide it in a box. 

From Mirabella (Age 10) Toronto: I won't change anything as I already keep everything in a bank. 

From Ryder (Age 10) TorontoI will keep things in places that no one would find them and I will only tell my family

From Bassel (Age 12) Mississauga: My advice to Edna is Don't be such an idiot. 

From Alex (Grade 5) Toronto: I password protect everything so nothing will change. I put my passwords on tinges. (password recovery program)

From AmeliaC (Grade 6) Toronto:will move my money from my piggy bank to somewhere hidden.

From Rita (Grade 6) Toronto: I will give all my money to my mom and keep my precious things where they are in my room. 

From Kaitlin (Grade 6) Toronto: I hide it in my safe so I won't change it. 

From Mairirois (Grade 4) Toronto: I will ask my grand parents to set me up an account for the bank.

From Bassel (Grade 6) Toronto: Don't show anyone where you keep it.  I will move it to my cabinet or closet in a safe. 

From Jonah (Grade 6) Toronto: I would put it somewhere hidden. 

From AmeliaH (Grade 6) Toronto: I will keep my money in a bank account. I will try to be more careful. 

From Genevieve (Grade 6) Toronto: I will put my money in a bank and keep my password a secret. 



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