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Making a budget

Making a budget

Mira & Teyus landed in Uzbekistan, on the Great Silk Route.  There, they meet another traveller called Firoza.  When they part, their companion Hari, gives Firoza some saffron, the most precious spice on earth and tells her to budget how she uses it.

 In our follow up story on How to Budget, we explain how important it is to understand your expenses and set goals.  In our mission, readers were asked to decide what they were saving for and make their own budget.  

Here are some of our responses: 


From Mirabella (Age 10) Toronto:  I want to save for a phone (I really think I need a phone but my mother won't agree).  I  would spend the "fun" part of my budget on Harry Potter merchandise.

From Hussein (Age 13) Oakville:  I want to invest my money to get PS4 games. 

From James (Age 8) Toronto:  The fun part of the budget would be going to different restaurants.  I will stop wastage by not wasting food. 

From Erind (Age 10) Toronto: I want to save my money to get a house with a backyard. 

From Bassel (Age 12) Mississauga:  I would spend the fun part of the budget on a sports car.  I will stop buying things I don't need. 

From Zeina (Age 12) Oakville:  I am going to save my money to buy shoes. 

From Kaitlin (Grade 6) Toronto:  I don't want anything and I am not saving for anything.  (We at love this minimalistic outlook.)

From Rita (Grade 6) Toronto:  My real "needs" are clothes from Nordstorm and the Hudson Bay. I would save for clothes, shoes and jewellery.  I would ask my parents to take my money away and give it to me when I am ready to buy something. 

From Mia (Grade 6) Toronto: I want to save and invest my money to get a google phone, a dog, hair dye.  I will stop wasting money by buying 20$ flowers that I don't need. 

From Mairirois (Grade 4) Toronto: I want to invest money to buy a new iPhone, my own house and my own car.  I would spend only a quarter of my money on fun stuff and I would only buy what I need and what I will use. 

From AmeliaH (Grade 6) Toronto: My "must haves" are School, food, electricity. $50000. My fun part of the budget I would spend this on vacations! $1000 per person.  

From Genevieve (Grade 6) Toronto: I would spend the "fun part" on candyyyyyyy! (We at totally agree with this)

From AmeliaC (Grade 6) Toronto: I would like to save my money for an iPad Pro with an Apple Pen and Smart Keyboard. I would spend my "fun" part by getting something that I would probably use a lot.

From Alex (Grade 5) Toronto: I would invest my money to get a computer.  

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