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Hola from South America!

Hola from South America!

When Mira & Teyus were in Ecuador, they learnt quite a bit of Spanish.  Most of South America speaks Spanish.  Did you know that 430 million people around the world speak Spanish? That is about 6% of the world's population, about the same as the number of native English speakers!  

We asked our friend Fatima, who is an exchange student from Mexico to help us with this. 

 Spanish Phrase What does it mean?

Hola, mi nombre es…

Hello, mi name is…

Como te llamas?

 What is your name?

Que tal tu dia?

 How is your day going?

Me podrias pasar la leche?

 Can you pass me the milk?

A donde iras de vacaciones?

 Where are you going on vacation?

De que pais eres?

 Where country are you from?

Cual es tu comida favorita?

 What is your favorite food?

Cual es tu color favorito?

 What is your favorite color?

Donde vives?

 Where do you live?

Cual es tu apellido?

 What is your last name?

Ncesito terminar mi tarea

 I need to finish my homework

Me podrias dar un vaso de agua?

 Can I have a glass of water?

Me gusta jugar soccer

 I like to play soccer

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