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Namaste from India!

Namaste from India!

When Mira & Teyus were in exotic India, they saw a lot of people folding their hands and saying "Namaste".  Yes, it's the same Namaste they say in yoga classes!  Literally it means "my spirit bows to your spirit" , which I guess would be quite a mouthful to say if you were rushing to get on your school bus!  Mira & Teyus in India.  Namaste

They also noticed that the writing is different from English and that everything has a line on top! 

The line on top of each word is used to group all the letters for a certain word.  This way you can tell when a word begins and ends by seeing if the line on top continues.  So, if you have messy writing, you don't have to worry about people finding the next word, they just follow the lines!  Pretty clever!

Did you know that the period (or end of a sentence) in Hindi is shown by a vertical line - like this  "I".

Hindi and Sanskrit (an ancient form of Hindi, still spoken today) both use a type of writing called the Devanagari ( pronounced "dey-vuh-nah-guh-ree").  Literally, it means alphabet of the gods. Deva means God and Nagari means alphabet.  

It was created about 2000 years ago and has been used regularly since the 7th century.  It is also one of the oldest scripts in the world!


Now, let's try out your Hindi and see how well you do:

Hindi Word Pronounciation  What does it mean? 
Namaste Naa-mas-tey


Shukriya Shook-ri-yah

Thank you

Haa Haa


Nahi Na-hee


Aap Kaise ho? Aap kaysey ho

How are you?

Main theek hu Mey theeck hu

I am fine

Mera name hai (add your name ) Meyra naam hey (add your name)

My name is (add your name)

Chalo cha-lo

Come (Hurry up).  Used very often for everything in India. 

Achha Ach-cha


Paani Paa-nee



Bravo!  Or as we say in Hindi  SHABASH!  

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