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Adventure in London: A Meeting with a Spy

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“Excuse me, Sir,” Mira approached a man sitting by the waterfront, he was wearing dark glasses and a dark suit. “What is happening here today?”

The man looked at her and smiled.

He informed them that this was the celebration to mark the new millennium. Today is the last day of the year 1999 and tomorrow will mark a whole new century, the year 2000.  Mira & Teyus Adventures in London.  Greenwich Mean Time Map

There was a massive fireworks display planned for that evening as soon as the clock struck midnight. The entire world had their eyes on London not only because the Queen planned to attend, but also because the international marker of time, Greenwich Mean Time, was just outside of London. This would mark the official start of the new century!    

The travelers could not believe their luck! They were about to see the most amazing fireworks in history, with the Queen!! Mira & Teyus Adventures in London.  Bondo the greatest spy on earth.The travellers introduced themselves one by one. “Hello, kids” the man in black said, “My name is Johnny Bondo.” 

“THE Mr. Bondo?! The famous spy!?” exclaimed Mira, totally gobsmacked. 

“The greatest spy on earth!” whispered Teyus who was quite addicted to spy films. 

Mr. Bondo gave them an intriguing smile and said, “Come on, let’s go”. He guided them into a very fancy speed boat just in front of the tower.

They whizzed up the Thames River on an exhilarating and fast ride while Johnny Bondo showed them Tower Bridge and Shakespeare’s Globe theatre with it’s thatched roof. They ducked down as they went under the bridges and caught a glimpse of a tall obelisk called Cleopatra’s Needle. Mr. Bondo told them it came straight from Egypt.

Zipping across the water, they saw the largest, most magnificent Ferris Wheel they had ever seen. It’s named the London Eye and it’s huge!  Mira & Teyus in London. Map of London

Just then, Mr. Bondo stopped the boat in front of a massive clock tower. “Big Ben!” shouted the kids as they saw the iconic tower. Mira & Teyus Adventures in London.  Buckingham Palace. Palace Guard. Red London Double Decker Bus.

They followed Mr. Bondo as he jumped into a rather crowded red double decker bus that took them straight to Buckingham Palace. After a quick chat with a guard dressed in a tall black hat, they learned that the Queen was having a cup of tea before leaving the palace with Mr. Bondo. 


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