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Adventure in Ecuador: A Very Fancy Napkin

<< Back to The Glorious Fight  Mira & Teyus in Ecuador.  Red Envelope with handkerchief“This is for you!” he said as he handed a red envelope to Hari. He winked and disappeared into the crowds. Very cautiously, Hari opened the red velvet envelope.  There was a silk handkerchief inside but no note, just a small symbol of three red dots at the end. 

“What does that mean?” thought Mira to herself.

She wondered if this were a dead end.  With her arm around Hari’s shoulder, they walked towards Luctus. It was getting late and they had to get back to Toronto for dinner.  They hugged Maria and Eduardo who wished them well on their travels.   

Just as they were leaving, the map in Hari’s pocket started to glow. When he opened it a golden picture of the silk handkerchief appeared with the words, “I am the route that linked East and West”.  Mira & Teyus in Ecuador.  Map with the handkerchief glowing

What does that mean?

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