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Adventure in Ecuador: The Glorious Fight

<< Back to How to fix a shoe under pressure  Mira & Teyus in Ecuador.  Eduardo on horseback in Bullfight

Eduardo, Maria’s brother was on horseback and bravely fighting a bull.  It was a ferocious animal.  The audience clapped when Eduardo managed to get near the bull and whimpered when the bull came to attack him.  Suddenly, the bull flared it’s nostrils and charged towards Eduardo.  He lost his balance and fell from the horse.  Oh no! The bull could kill him!  Mira & Teyus in Ecuador.  Hari gives corn to the bull. Hari quickly took out something from his pocket and threw it at the bull.  The hungry bull began to eat it.  Eduardo took the opportunity to get back on his horse and could conquer the bull!  He had won!  The audience was overjoyed.

“What came out of your pocket this time?” inquired Mira

“Just some corn to feed a hungry bull” replied Hari with a smile.

Maria was now bursting with joy.  Not only was she the Queen of Quito, but her brother Eduardo, was the greatest bullfighter of the year!

“Thank you for helping us get two of the greatest honours in Ecuador.  We are certainly the most famous family in our country today!” said Maria. The travelers asked her about the symbol on her crown and she said it was an old Inca symbol.  Mira & Teyus in Ecuador.  Hari missing homeEduardo gave them his “muleta” (stick) with the attached red cloth used in the bullfight. “Maybe this will come in handy sometime”, he said.

There were still no clues for getting Hari home and he was sad, tired and terribly homesick.  These adventures around the world were truly amazing, but he longed for his mother and his sister.  He missed sitting next to his dad at their spice store in Agra, India and crossing the Yamuna river on a bullock cart. 

Just then, a leader of the Mariachi band came to Hari.

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