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Adventure in Italy: Another Strange Clue

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He wanted to know all about them and how they had obtained so much knowledge. Mira told him their rather unusual story. Da Vinci was a man of the world and was quite fascinated. When his assistant Salai showed him the amazing blue colour that Hari had made, he was even more pleased.

Suddenly, he paused. His eyes grew wide and pointing to Hari he exclaimed, “So, you are the one!” The confused travellers inched closer together, and Hari tried to hide behind them because he was not sure what was in store now.

Da Vinci went to the back of the room, and returned carrying an old, torn and dirty pouch, tied with a rope. Da Vinci explained that years earlier, he had done a portrait for a very poor peasant. He did not have money to pay for it, but left this package with us saying that one day a young man with a white turban would come to collect it and give us something equally precious in return.” He looked at Hari and said, “You have given me the perfect colour of blue that will make me famous for generations to come. I believe this is for you.”  Mira & Teyus in Italy. Old pouch with flower and box.

Hari stepped forward and looked at the dirty, ripped and worn-out pouch. “What could possibly be inside such an ugly package?” he wondered. He placed the pouch on the floor and opened it to find a strange box. The box contained a single dried pink rose. The note inside the box read, “Follow me where there are more of me”.  Mira & Teyus in Italy. Disapointed Travelers“Another very cryptic clue”, said Teyus wondering what it meant.

Hari, did not look too optimistic. Mira picked up the box and turned it around, trying to see if there were any other clues within it. When she found nothing, she said sadly, “an old dirty pouch and a dead flower. Nothing more here.”  Mira & Teyus in Italy. Clay in a Jar“Sorry, I cannot be of more help,” apologized Da Vinci. “But maybe this will help you.” He handed them some freshly-made clay in a jar.

It was evening and they had to return home. As grateful as they were for the privilege of meeting the great master Leonardo Da Vinci, they were sad that they were still no closer to getting Hari home.

With much anticipation, Hari held open the map. He wanted to make sure he didn’t miss a single clue. Just as they were leaving, a warm glow came from the map. It was a picture of the rose. Below it were the words, “Follow me where there are more of me”.

What did this mean?  Mira & Teyus in Italy. Map with rose.

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