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Adventure in Keswick: Black Lead

<< Introduction - Where it all Began  Mira & Teyus in India.  Keswick in the black hole

“Ha ha!” giggled Mira, pointing to Teyus, “Your face is all black! Even your clothes!”

“Well, you’re not much better”, replied Teyus, wondering what in the world they had landed in now.

“My turban!” cried Hari. His stained turban now covered and caked in the residue that also enveloped Mira and Teyus.

“Where we are?” inquired Mira, looking towards the sky. “It really looks like we’re in a deep ditch.”

Teyus furrowed his brow, “Great detective work, Captain Obvious.”

Mira pulled out her Anulap, it read:

‘August 1565 AD, Grey Knotts near Keswick in Cumbria, England’.

“Hmmm” contemplated Mira, “That really means nothing to me.” The kids all felt the same way, the time and place didn’t feel significant to any of them.  Mira & Teyus in India.  Graphite“Alright, does anyone know what this stuff is?” asked Teyus, rubbing the stains on his hands and arms. He ran his finger along a silvery-grey rock that shared the bottom of the ditch with them and tasted the substance. It had a bit of a sour taste.

“It’s carbon!” he proclaimed, wondering why on earth they were smeared by carbon.

At this point, Mira was climbing out of the hole, trying to figure out exactly how much of a mess they were in. She dragged Luctus velo with her, showing her strength and climbing ability. Hari and Teyus followed her, noting the large tree roots all over the pit.  Mira & Teyus in India.  Guard in KeswickAs they emerged from the hole, they noticed a large oak tree fallen on one side, not too far from where they were standing. On the other side of the tree was a man dressed in red tights and a blue tunic which had white, puffy sleeves. Mira smiled, he looked just like an actor from a Shakespearean play. As though the man could sense prying eyes, he sharply turned his towards the travellers. Raising a spear towards them, he shouted “Robbers!” 

He began to chase them through the English countryside. Over hills, through the fields of sheep, across the fells (An old English way of saying Lakes) and all the way to the old church of St Bega with sheep in the pasture all around it.  The man had now outrun the travellers and caught up with them. He grabbed Mira.

With a spear held at her throat, he demanded, “Did the French send you!?”  Mira & Teyus in India.  Adventure in Keswick. Guard with Mira.

“NNNNOOOO!” stammered Mira. “We are Canadians!” She then realized that this meant little to the man because Canada had only been discovered a few years prior by the French.

“We are not French!” protested Hari. “We are in the service of the Majesty”. He thought that was a clever reply because this was England and there has almost always been a Royal family there.

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