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Adventure in Keswick: Meeting the Queen

<< Back to The Power of Education  Mira & Teyus in Keswick. Queen Elizabeth IThe travellers made it back to the old church in time to take their positions. They bowed and glanced up at this magnificent queen as she approached. Her skin was as white as porcelain and she had bright red hair, it was striking to see.

Addison presented her with the first ever pencil. Intrigued she picked it up and wrote on a piece of vellum, (vellum is a thick paper-like writing surface used in the middle ages and made from the skin of calves.). She signed her name “Elizabeth R”. After, the travellers told her how they had created the first ever pencil, she was so impressed, she granted them one wish.  Mira & Teyus in Keswick. Elizabeth's signature.

Hari came forward, his head held up with hope, and wished to return home. Queen Elizabeth realized than even as Queen of all of England, and with a mighty army, she could not do this. The Taj Mahal where Hari had left his family, would not be build for another 100 years!  She gave him the piece of paper with her signature on it and assured him that this would grant him the right of safe passage across her land. It wasn’t a trip home but it was a valuable piece for the travellers to possess.

It was getting late and time to get back to Toronto for dinner. The travellers bid Addison and the Queen a fond farewell and jumped on to Luctus velo. As they passed over the English countryside, they even got a glimpse of the universities at Oxford and Cambridge in the distance.  Mira & Teyus in Keswick.  Return to Toronto.

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