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Adventure in New York City. Saving Broadway.

<<Back to Magnificent NYC  Mira & Teyus in New York City.  Majestic TheatreThe bus turned a corner and pulled up to the Majestic Theatre. This was the scene of the most anticipated Broadway shows in history! Ghost of the Symphony had just recently opened to ‘sold out audiences’ (that’s just a fancy way of saying all the tickets were sold before they even started performing the show).

People crowded around the box office, trying to get tickets. Scalpers were even discreetly trying to sell tickets at inflated prices! Mostly though, excited fans were peeping through the windows, trying to catch a glimpse of Estella Fernandes. She was the most famous Broadway actress who ever lived.  Mira & Teyus in New York City. Mira dreams of being an actressMira loved the theatre and often pretended she was a great actress at home. Her mother always told her she was very dramatic, though maybe that wasn’t always a compliment! Mira needed a closer look at all of this, she nudged the travellers and they stepped off the bus in front of the Majestic Theatre.  Mira & Teyus in New York City.  Estella and ManagerSuddenly, they overheard a man speaking in a very tense voice. It wasn’t loud, but it was definitely a voice in trouble! Intrigued, they went towards the voice approached to see what was happening. They saw a short man in a tuxedo asking an attractive lady, “What will we do? It’s a full house today! The show must go on!”

He turned around to see the travellers, eavesdropping on his conversation. Before he could say anything, Teyus asked, “Excuse me sir, what’s the matter?”

“Well, Estella has lost her voice and we have no time to find a replacement! The show is completely sold out!” the short, round man said.

“Well, what exactly needs to be done?” asked Mira.

“Well, for one thing, the actress needs to be able to speak! She should be able to say her lines!” exclaimed the man and added “Estella has no voice, how will she say her lines?! We are doomed! On top of that, the box office just informed me that the greatest theatre critic in the city is here, we will surely get bad reviews!”

“Why don’t you just ask someone else to read the lines while Estella lip syncs?” asked Mira.

“Where will I find somebody who can speak Spanish with a Mexican accent, German with a Bavarian accent and French like an irritated Parisian!” exclaimed the man with doom in his voice.

“Oh! That’s easy! I can do it!” volunteered Mira. She quickly demonstrated her ability in the languages and accents required for the show, to the short man’s surprise and delight.

“She speaks every language under the sun!” exclaimed Teyus, happy they could fix the issue and quite proud of his cousin.  Mira & Teyus in New York City.  Estella on stage.They snuck into the theatre through the back door, away from the crowds. Mira was so excited to be the voice behind the great Estella Fernandes, she could hardly contain her excitement! That night, Mira stayed behind the curtain and used a microphone to be the voice of the world’s greatest theatre actress. She raised and lowered her voice as Estella pretended to speak on stage, her accents were so perfect that not even the critics knew! When the show finished, Estella called her onstage to take a bow with the rest of the troupe. Mira could not believe it, it was such a grand honour!!

Backstage, Estella asked them what they were doing in New York City. They told her the story of Luctus, how they met Hari, the magical map and now the bull that they were looking for.  Mira & Teyus in New York City.  Estella's fancy hair clip.She couldn’t help them much unfortunately but she gave Hari a dazzling shiny clip from her hair and wished them well.  Mira & Teyus in New York City. Limosine

The manager overheard them and without missing a beat said, “I know, you have to go to the Charging Bull on Wall Street!”

With a quick call he ordered a stretch limo to take them there.

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