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Adventure in The Philippines: A Taste of Manila

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Nonoy took them out of the crowd to visit a string of food vendors nearby.  The most amazing smells were in the air. Always hungry, Teyus could not wait to try some of the delicacies. He ordered some Binatog, which is a dish made with corn and coconut. This was followed by some raw mangoes and spicy shrimp paste, one of The Philippine’s most favourite dishes.

Hari tasted the mangoes. They tasted just like the ones his mother would make into pickles. Teyus couldn’t help but wonder if the mangoes they were eating had come from India and whether both countries had a free trade agreement, specifically for mangoes.

“Come this way for my favourite food!” shouted Nonoy.

He led them to a stall selling something on a stick. Grabbing one stick for each of them, Nonoy proudly proclaimed “This is Banana Kyu. Fried Bananas coated with caramelized, brown sugar. Truly the best thing on Earth!”

With their bellies full, Nonoy led them out of Rizal Park. On the way, they passed the famous marking of Kilometer Zero, the point from which all distances in Manila are measured. 

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