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Adventure in The Philippines: The Mysterious Carpet and The Cryptic Clue

<< Back to The Coconut Palace  Mira & Teyus in the Philippines.  Jasmine flower“This is Sampaguita. A Jasmine flower. It’s the national flower of The Philippines. That would explain why your bicycle brought you here, but the only connection I can make to the carpet is that the design on it matches the murals in the pool!” he pointed out indicating the similarities between them. “But where do you go from here I wonder…”

Tatay took a seat on the carpet. Immediately, he began to smile and laugh.  He forgot all about the pain in his muscles or the sadness in his heart because his beloved wife was far away. He was completely relaxed.  “Wow! I feel so happy!” he squealed, overwhelmed by the moment.  Mira & Teyus in the Philippines.  Tatay on magical carpet

The travellers looked at each other. They had got the carpet from the weaver in Samarkand. They recalled that when he gifted them the carpets, he said they were woven with the same magical thread, but he didn’t know what the magic was. Could the magic be that whoever sat on it became happy? And what about the other carpet that was given to the girl they had met there? Did that carpet possess the same or opposite magic? They wondered. 

It was now evening and time to get back home. Hari rolled the carpet up and put his under his arm. He didn’t feel like being happy. He missed home and felt miserable; he was in no mood to be happy.

They thanked Nonoy and Tatay for everything they had done. Teyus gave Nonoy the ornate box to send to his mum for her upcoming birthday. In return, Tatay gave them a coconut.  “This can help you in so many ways” he said confidently.

As they jumped on the bike, Hari held on to the map as he always did. Soon, the all too familiar glow started to emanate from the map and a picture of the coconut appeared. Underneath were the words:

‘I follow the path of human civilization with tides and ebbs’.  Mira & Teyus in the Philippines.  Map with coconut

“Oh my goodness!” thought Mira, “What a cryptic clue this is!”

Where should they go next?  


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