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Adventure in India: An Exotic Place

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Bang! Boom! Screech! 

“Holy moly!” shouted Teyus.  “It’s a good thing you’ve got a few more years to practise before they allow you to drive a car!”. 

Mira grimaced and glared at her friend which had absolutely no impact on him.  Mira & Teyus in India.  Surrounded by Camels.

“Wonder where we are?” said Mira as she jumped off Luctus velo and immediately plugged her nose to block out a rather peculiar smell.  When she looked up, she was shocked to see that they were surrounded by hundreds and hundreds of camels. These animals were just staring at the two confused humans and wondering where on earth they had come from. 

Mira took out the newly built Anulap which showed their position as:

“Old Agra, India.  September 26, 1643 AD”.   

Before Mira and Teyus could do anything, a young boy came rushing through the camels to help them. He put his hands together, bowed his head and said “Namaste”. 

Mira and Teyus both copied him and folded their hands as they bowed their heads.  Speaking to the boy in Sanskrit, an ancient language still spoken in India, Mira learnt that they were in a large market on the banks of the Yamuna river. The boy quickly helped them get away from the camels who were inching closer and ready to give the travellers rather sloppy, disgusting kisses with their drooling, puckered lips.

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