Avenue Road Kids Learning Programs


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After School Programs
Grades 1-6
(3.30pm - 7pm)

Math > English > French > Mandarin > Robotics > Art > Chess and lots more

  • All levels are welcome.
    • We have extensive experience in creating a fun environment where your child loves to learn and where they can take their learning to higher levels.
  • Option for kids to take part in high level competitions:
    • Math Competitions, Chess Competitions, YCT (Mandarin Certification Exams) & CALCY (Mandarin performing arts), DELF (French Certification Exams), Ontario Robotics Competitions, Shakespeare Performances and an annual Art Exhibition. 
  • Homework Clubs.  
    • Our expert teachers work with the kids to get all their homework done, so you don't have to!
  • Late Pick-ups.
    • We know how stressful it is for parents to get from work to pick up their kids, this is why our program goes to 7pm. It allows us to work more with your child, and you can arrive unstressed and ready to enjoy a calm evening with your child.

Voted Top Educational Program in Toronto 2018!

by Post City Magazine, Chatterblock, Help We've Got Kids and many more!