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Buy Local: The Economy

<< Back to The Farmer  Buy Local. Baron comes for RentGrandma continued the story on Jonah.

Jonah came home and there was the landlord Baron von Greedybags waiting for him. 

“I’ve come to collect the rent” he stated.

Jonah sighed, this was going to be a really long afternoon. He he had to now explain and re-negotiate a delay in paying his rent. 

“Oh Grandma!” interrupted Mira. “Do you remember when companies were moving jobs to different parts of Asia? That’s when daddy’s company closed his department and he had no work!”  

“Yes, that was hard for him to be without a salary” said Grandma sympathetically.  Buy Local. Moving jobs away means no money in the pockets.She explained to the travellers that is the second reason we should buy local. It’s not just buying local vegetables and things, but also hiring local people. When we support local businesses and hire people in the our village, the money stays in the community. This means, when we pay for something, the money moves from us to someone else in the community.  They, in turn, spend it in the community. Buy Local.  Keep Money in the CommunityWhen we send jobs overseas because they are cheaper there, we are removing the money from our economy and sending it to another place. This means, workers in our town have less money to spend which hurts the businesses here.

“I guess, it’s no different than buying a book from the local bookshop versus online” said Mira sadly. Only earlier that day she had spotted the local bookshop with a ‘Going Out Of Business’ sign.  

“And don’t forget the environment!” added Grandma.

She continued. “When you buy strawberries or eggs from another country, imagine the distance it has to travel. All the planes and ships and trucks burning fuel and putting pollution into the air…”  Buy Local. Strawberries on a plane.  Buy Local.  Buyig Local protects the environment. width=The children nodded. They still remembered everything Grandma had told them about Carbon Tax and how countries were trying to solve it.

All these fumes are in the air and polluting it. All this is so unnecessary when the same things are available locally! 

“But Grandma” interjected Teyus. “Is it really fair to ask people to pay more for things when they can get it cheaper from somewhere else? I mean, shouldn’t the bookshop in town charge the same for a book as the online company?

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