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Checklist for Summer Camp 2018

Summer Camp is almost here!!  

Here are a few things to remember so that we all have fun and are safe. 

1) Registration Forms:  Complete the Registration Form and email it to before June 30, 2018.  Due to insurance reasons children cannot participate in the camp until we have a completed registration form. We need one form for each camper. 

 2) Things to send with your camper: 

Nut Free Lunch + 2 Snacks - There is no vending machine or cafeteria on site so please send food with them. There is nothing sadder than a hungry camper.  For security reasons, campers cannot leave the site at lunch.  Refrigerator Available but No Microwave. 

Note:  Camp on July 3-6.  We have a camper that is highly allergic to peanuts, tree nuts and shellfish so please don't send anything that has these items.  

Reusable Water Bottle: After an awful winter, we are hoping to spend a lot of time outdoors so please bring a re-usable water bottle.  We have access to a kitchen where kids can fill up their bottles with Toronto's finest tap water. 

Sunscreen+ Hat: Again, we really do try to spend a lot of time outdoors so please send sunscreen and hat for your child. 

Swimsuit + Change of Clothes:  If the weather is hot we will turn on the sprinkler at the end of the day.  Please send clothes/ swimsuits they can get wet in. 

3)  For those enrolled in Camp Millionaire and Young Entrepreneurs

Read the news!: Start reading the news today so you know what's going on around the world. Discussions in camp get so much more interesting when everyone reads the news.  

Bring something to trade: Send things with your child that they can trade with other campers. They will not be bringing it back so we recommend something of nominal value. We try to trade every day for a few minutes.  We do this to teach them the concept of "value".  This is optional. 

 4) For Around the World in 5 Days

An old light colored t-shirt: We always try to do something creative with t-shirts, be it tie dye, coffee dye, batik, beet staining....

If you have a cool game from another country that you would like to share with your group bring that over and we will incorporate it into the course.  This is optional.  

Wear clothes that are comfortable and which can get dirty as we do a lot of creative stuff. 

Bring a change of clothes just in case. 

5) For Future Farmers

No refrigerator is available.  Please bring lunch and snacks accordingly.

Wear shoes which are good for short walks at Evergreen Brickworks,  Flip Flops are not a good option. Sneakers, Hiking Boots, Keen's etc are all better options. 

Bring a rain jacket in case it rains. 

6) No Devices during camp :  Don't forget we are a device free zone while camp is in session (9.00am - 3.30pm).  If you must send a device, they should be in your child's backpack during camp hours. We are not responsible for any devices. 

 7) Any Questions? Please email us at 

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