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Adventure in Ecuador: Fiestas de Quito

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Maria explained to them that the festival was very special this year as she had been chosen to represent the region for the title of “Reina de Quito” (Queen of Quito). At the same time, her brother Eduardo was sure to win the bullfighting competition! Bullfighting and Queens! The travellers were only too happy to go along for this wild party.

It took little more than an hour to drive from Cayambe to Quito. The road was very scenic. As they drove, the travellers shared their story.

Upon entering Quito, they jumped on to a colourful wooden bus called a “chivas”. Beautiful flamenco dancers wearing large skirts danced around the buses to traditional Yarabi music while Mariachi bands made the atmosphere even more festive. Maria, Mira, Teyus and Hari happily joined in the fun.  Mira & Teyus in Ecuador.  Fiestas de Quito and Chivas  Mira & Teyus in Ecuador.  Playing card game  Mira & Teyus in Ecuador.  Wooden Cart RaceThey passed the famous wooden cart race where kids went down steep hills on homemade wooden carts and noticed groups of people sitting around playing a card game with five cards called “Cuarenta”. 

A short while later they came to the location for the Reine de Quito competition. Maria had practised her performance hundreds of times. She looked fabulous. Her gown was a deep shade of purple and her dark brown curls fell perfectly.  In a few minutes, she would be called to stage. It was time to put on her delicate shoes made of roses. She carefully opened the pouch in which she had carried her shoes but for some unknown reason, one of them fell to the floor and broke into two pieces! Thud!

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