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Adventure in London: Fish and Chips

 <<Click here for the Introduction - Where it all began. Mira & Teus Adventures in London.  Fish and Chips.  Fish and Chips“Fish and Chips! Come and get your Fish and Chips!” shouted a man in front of a little shop. Before the travellers could figure out where they were, the man pushed a package of something wrapped in newspapers into their hands. “Here! Try it! It’s the best Haddock in all the land”.

The travelers were still not sure where they had landed but they opened the newspaper to see two beautiful pieces of perfectly golden fried fish and some fries. Both were doused in a splashing of vinegar and liberally sprinkled with salt. The travellers tucked into it, enjoying every bite.

“I don’t know where we have landed, but it’s certainly a good place for me!” announced Teyus, who was always hungry.

“Where are we?” asked Hari between mouthfuls of chips.

Taking out the Anulap, Mira read out the destination:

‘December 31, 1999. London, England. You are standing just outside the Tower of London’. Mira & Teus Adventures in London.  Fish and Chips.  Tower of London

“Wow!” exclaimed Mira looking up to see a massive fort like building. It even had the guards dressed up in fancy black and red uniforms with hats, like you saw on all the postcards of London.

“These are the Yeoman Warders. They guard the Queen’s precious jewels and coins which are kept in the tower” Teyus. He then added, “Now that I think about it, I’ve heard my dad say gold is always good to invest in.” Mira & Teus Adventures in London.  Fish and Chips.  London Bridge

As they walked around the tower, they instantly recognized the iconic Tower Bridge which had been featured in all their nursery books when they were little.

“This is so beautiful!” said Mira.

They couldn’t help but notice large crowds everywhere and wondered what was happening.


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