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Free Trade Agreement: Bad things about it

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Grandma also pointed out that there is another side to free trade agreements. For an agreement to work, people who live in a country need to feel comfortable and safe. Here are some of the reasons people don’t like free trade agreements.  Free Trade Agreement.  Dumping flowersDumping: This is a term that is used when one country has too much of something and “dumps” it in another country.

For example, if one country decides to sell roses cheaper than it costs to grow them or cheaper than the price it sells them in its own country, it can flood the market with cheap roses. This drives down the price of roses and no one in any country makes a profit on roses.  

However, the country doing the dumping will do this so that other countries give up on growing roses. When this happens they cheekily raise prices of roses and now it costs us so much more to buy. However, Canada has strong anti-dumping rules so this really isn’t an issue.  Free Trade Agreement. Bad for EnvironmentEnvironment Issues:  When goods are shipped across international borders and continents, there is an environmental impact. However, most countries create their own environmental rules and people today are very well informed on environmental issues.  Free Trade Wharf. ImmigrationImmigration: Another argument against free trade agreements is immigration. This is a real issue for some people. Free trade allows people from various countries to move into your neighbourhood. It means that there is more competition for jobs and it means that you now have kids from different countries in your school. However, here in Canada, most of us are originally from somewhere else, be it Europe, China or India. Change is hard for most people but there are benefits to it as well. Imagine how boring it would be without Chinese food or pizzas.  Free Trade Agreement. OutsourcingOutsourcing: This means that jobs are sent to countries where the workers are paid less than in Canada. This is of concern to many of our parents as it puts jobs here at risk.

    The travellers now had a better understanding and appreciation for things that come from abroad.

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