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Free Trade Agreement: Good things about it

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“Let’s first go through what the good things are about a free trade agreement” said Grandma as she started to list them one by one. Free Trade Agreement.  Canada without Free Trade. Learn more with our business entrepreneurship class for kids.










Free trade makes goods cheaper and allows people to use more goods. If we didn’t have free trade these beautiful roses and pineapple juice would not be on this table.  Free Trade Agreement Comparative Advantage









Free trade allows each country to focus on what it does best. So instead of Canada trying to grow tropical fruits like pineapples in our cold climate and Costa Rica trying to produce maple syrup in he heat of the jungle, each county can focus on what it does best and trade for other goods it needs or wants. So, Canada can happily make the world’s best maple syrup and Costa Rica can grow the world’s best pineapples, and people in both countries can still get pineapples and maple syrup at reasonable costs. Growing what is best for your country is called “having a comparative advantage.”  Free Trade Agreement.  Signs for multi-cultural businesses










Free trade enriches a culture of place. By allowing people and things from different places to enter our country, we become a more diverse and rich society. Just imagine what Toronto would be like without Chinese or Indian food or even without this delicious pineapple drink that I bought at the South American bakery?  Free Trade Agreement.  Free Trade leads to more opportunities.








Free trade leads to more employment by encouraging more people to use goods from other parts of the world.

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